Friday, June 19, 2009

Hire a 'TJ' for your next party!

I'm introducing a new facet of my apparel and custom printing business...TJ!

Why hire an ordinary DJ to entertain guests, when I'm now available for printing parties? It's fun for all ages! Guests print their own souvenir of the event. Team-mates can make their own jerzees as a pre-season mixer. Looking for a fun kids party idea? look no further...

Party-packages start at $10/person for a basic white tee (one color print- your own design!).

I supply the shirts, the screen, the equipment, the ink, and everyone at the party gets to try screen-printing and walk away with their very own hand-printed tee.

It takes 20 people to make a party, and I can handle up to 500 (it's been done!). Email me at for more information, shirt options and rates for your own TJ event!


  1. love your designs - clean and inspiring. I'll definitely be picking some up! check out my site

  2. wow! I am thinking about this for my next birthday. very neat idea!

  3. that's a great idea! im very artistic(even though im only 11) and might do that 4 my b-day!Thanks

  4. Loved it! The kids enjoyed making their onwn T-shirts. Great fun for any age. Geat space. My kids said they would love their next "B-day like Lukey's" I recommend it!!!